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T.E. Wood Farms - About Us

T. E. Wood Farms is a family owned business, in the same Clinton location for over 70 years. We offer a wide variety of products and services to choose from.

Tomas Wood III

Thomas Wood III :
As the President / Owner of T.E. Wood Farms, Inc., I have watched my company grow and prosper through the years. I have enjoyed working with talented, friendly, intelligent and highly motivated staff. This company has brought me great joy and I look forward to continued growth and success in the future.
"I treasure the many friendships I have made with fellow business owners throughout my years in business."

William Billy Wood

William "Billy" Wood : As the Commercial Development Manager for T.E. Wood Farms, Inc., I work with many large homebuilders and new land development companies in the Wash. D.C., Md. and Va. area.  I work with company superintendents to ensure that all job requests are properly addressed and inspections are completed in the highest quality fashion.  I maintain crew schedules, production outlines, and deadlines for multiple sites.  In my 31 years of working here I have loved the endless possibilities.

George Simmons

George Simmons :
As the Residential Construction Manager, I oversee and expedite jobs contracted through T.E. Wood Farms, Inc. I interact with our foremen to ensure that all jobs completed are of the highest quality and utmost service to our customers. In the last 28 years that I have worked here, I have had the privilege of meeting many unique people and have developed lasting relationships that promote business for our company.

Vicente Lopez Hernandez

Vicente Lopez Hernandez : As the Bulk Operations Facility Manager, I am responsible for the day to day facility operations.  In my 11 years here I've provided leadership to our in-house facilities team in the handling of soil processing, organics composting and bulk materials.  I take my position seriously, assuring customer satisfaction.  Accurate record keeping, daily inspections and the maintenance of our equipment assure the reliability and quality of our soils.  I enjoy being a part of the T.E. Wood family.      

Tom Lopez Flores

Tom Lopez Flores :
As the Bulk Operations Facility Assistant Manager, I maintain a strong sense of discipline.   I perform and monitor work, including the maintenance of equipment, screening and mixing of soils and handling of bulk orders for T.E. Wood Farms.   I am very customer focused and have high standards for quality, efficiency and timeliness.  I enjoy working here because I meet many wonderful people. 

Joyce Buckler

Joyce Buckler : As Executive Office Manager of T.E. Wood Farms, Inc., I provide financial, business, and administrative services that are fundamental to the operation of this company.  In my 29 years here, I have gained the knowledge of all of the departments and duties to maintain a proficient office team.  I  provide analyses, interpretation, and justification of budgets, forecasts, and long-range plans. 
I am proud to be able to handle all of the challenges that come across my desk on a daily basis.

Patsy Harris

Patsy Harris :
As Recievables/Commercial Accounts Manager, over the past 3 years at T.E. Wood Farms, Inc., I have enjoyed working with diverse personalities from all over the country.  I provide financial, clerical and administrative services that ensure efficient, timely and accurate payment of accounts to the business.  I am the company liaison for our clients in order to make sure accounts are being handled properly.  I keep the clients and coworkers smiling with my laughter and positive outlook.   

Tammie Wood-Hess

Tammie Wood-Hess : As the Program Director of T.E. Wood Farms, Inc.  I look after the well being of all of the employees and ensure that each department is working efficiently.  In my 19 years here, I have handled product sales, marketing, employee benefits, customer service and project management. I enjoy building good professional relationships with our clients.  

Kelly Greene

Kelly Greene :
As a Project Manager and Estimator at T.E. Wood Farms, I interact with various customers and companies. I enjoy the excitement of new projects and working with multiple types of construction materials from all over the country. I learn something new everyday and am extremely open minded which allows me to understand various concepts when estimating projects. I enjoy the unlimited creativity in project management.

Eileen Radtke

Eileen Radtke : As a Distribution Center Sales Consultant I provide customers with information regarding our products and services.  Customers inquire for information via telephone or face to face.  I like working at T.E. Wood Farms, Inc. because when you walk into the office, it is a friendly atmosphere.  It feels like family.  I like working here mostly because the people here are very good at what they do and can provide a lot of information. 

Heather Miller

Heather Miller :
As a Distribution Center Sales Consultant and also the newest member of the team. I interact with customers on a daily basis. Being in this business allows me the pleaure of meeting new people from various walks of life. I am a friendly person and extremely receptive to the needs of others. I enjoy helping customers with decisions on product options that enhance the beauty of their homes.

Lucky Wood

Lucky Wood : As the Security Officer for T.E. Wood Farms, Inc., I'm responsible for the protection, safeguarding, and security of assets, personnel, customers, and all visitors.  While I have to be on guard 24 hours every day, the fringe benefits are what I live for.  I get to share lunches with my coworkers and dog treats are a part of most deliveries to our office.  I have held this position since 2002 and look forward to many more years here. "Woof!"